Pleioflow LTD secures 5.3M$ Funding

June 10, 2019: Unicorn start-up of flow and cardiac assist devices, Pleioflow LTD (UK), has announced today that it has secured a 5.3M $ funding from private investors. The Investment covers all Company product milestones, for Pleioflow RF, that includes roadmap and pathway up to CE mark certification. 

The Pleioflow RF device, is only the first of a Series of Pleioflow products, of minimal flow profile (8 French or less) that -on prototype bench studies- are capable of augmenting significantly the flow and pressure. The Pleioflow RF Device is aimed to prevent (pre)renal failure in any low cardiac output state, such as during cardiac surgery and post myocardial infarction, particularly in pre-existing renal failure patients, and/or patients at risk of developing Acute Kidney Injury. 

“It is a great day for Pleioflow since now we have all the financial and technical resources to accelerate and complete our product development efforts, and bring our first Innovative Device, of the Disruptive Series, the Pleioflow-RF device faster in the market, to the benefit of the patients suffering from Renal Failure prior and after Cardiac Surgery”, said Dr. Constantinos Anagnostopoulos founder of the company in later remarks.

May 1, 2020: Pleioflow announces the 1st EU subsidiary, post Brexit, and commencement of own R&D operations facility in Athens, Greece.

Dec 12, 2020: Pleioflow announces commencement of second R&D and manufacturing operations base, in Germany, establishing a Clean room manufacturing facility.

March 11, 2021: Pleioflow announces schedule for commencement of pre-clinical large animal trials at Johns Hopkins University Hospital (Baltimore, USA), and at a GLP facility (Paris, France).

Dec 14, 2021: “We are thrilled about the efficacy results of the Pleioflow-RF Device in large animal studies, augmenting renal flow at a striking mean of 40%” announces Dr C Anagnostopoulos, founder of Pleioflow Ltd. 

Following successful completion of GLP animal trials, Pleioflow announces schedule for EU Clinical trials commencement, for its first Flow assist Device, Pleioflow-RF, aiming to prevent renal failure in Cardiac Surgery patients, at high risk for renal failure. 

Pleioflow doubles its Clean room manufacturing capacity, with a second Clean Room establishment in Athens, Greece.

Jan 25, 2022: Pleioflow RF Device tops at the finalists of the International CRT Innovation Competition (Washington DC).



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