Pleioflow is a medical device company with disruptive technology in the field of flow assist devices. The Pleioflow devices are probably able to augment blood flow into, and salvage critical organs, in the clinical applications of Cardiac Arrest, Severe Heart Failure, Stroke, Diabetes and low Cardiac Output Acute Kidney Injury(AKI). Pleioflow was founded in the UK in 2018, after its proprietary technology was granted a Utility Patent with full Freedom to operate in the EU and USA.

Pleioflow is also a point of contact for physicians and medtech companies, developing high quality, disruptive technology medical applications with a strict focus in the CardioVascular minimally invasive spectrum of valve replacement and flow assist devices.

Pleioflow has an experienced, well diversified, performance driven, multitasking team of engineers specialized in Nitinol, catheter based solutions, below 8F.

The company develops its own patented and innovative technologies in Tailored made Valve making, Valve implantations, diseased valve extraction and Flow Assist devices. The company also offers Research and development services from concept to product prototyping and development, market approval and commercialization.

PLeioflow mission

In Pleioflow, we develop and commercialize Innovative solutions for people fighting CardioVascular Disease, with Passion, Commitment and Dedication for the benefit of Patients, Healthcare Systems and our Shareholders


Our CEO/CTO, Dr. Constantinos Anagnostopoulos has stated about the Pleioflow device(s).
“After spending many years in the UK and the USA, and having driven Research and Development Activities on flow assist, stent and valve devices since 2008, we are excited about the progress of our Pleioflow devices, while shifting from idea concept, to prototyping, product development and validated manufacturing.

We have been working with our team on a very promising product portfolio, the first of which is a substantially new version of a pulsating balloon technology, aimed to manage Acute Kidney Injury(AKI) during and post cardiac surgery and/or after Cardiogenic shock. The design has some unique game changing characteristics, and appears to significantly increase the effectiveness in terms of creating forward flow, in bench and animal studies so far. The Pleioflow-RF Device is inserted percutaneously, positioned in the descending aorta, and may prove to be effective percutaneous mechanical circulatory support (MCS) system, for the maintenance of renal and mesenteric artery flow, in the above patients.

Different versions of the Pleioflow Devices may be placed either in the ascending or in the descending aorta, and may prove to be effective percutaneous mechanical circulatory support (MCS) systems, even in the event of complete loss of cardiac output.

All current products integrate a tremendously advantageous transcatheter valve design, of a very small flow profile (just 8 French), that is capable of functioning at a plurality of vessel diameters (between 18-30 mm). We believe that the same valve design can be implemented in our next TAVR design valve, featuring a 9 French valve.

There is a widespread demand in the global Clinical community for the prevention of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in major surgical operations, such as Cardiac Surgery, and in the post-MI cardiogenic shock. Mechanical circulatory support devices are in great demand. However, two of the greatest limitations of these devices, may be the high cost/device and the large bore access.

Pleioflow device(s) may significantly improve the current management of patients with Acute Kidney Injury(AKI) and Acute Heart Failure, as they have has a low profile diameter (<3 mm), and they are easy to insert, even in acutely unstable patients. Moreover, they have an affordable price, and they can be operated by a standard IAB pump, from Datascope ’97 onwards.

We are really excited with the work everybody has been doing. We are pleased to work collaboratively with Clinicians and Clinical Centers in the evaluation of these novel, modified, and very potent IAB devices. We are looking forward to having patients participating in clinical trials (subject to the official regulatory channels and the regulatory body approvals) in the near future, in order to validate our very promising results, from the bench and animal testing”.


Dr. Constantinos Anagnostopoulos


Peter Paulus


Andreas Bompas


Mary Christofakaki


Alexander Basiakoulis




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